Legend Technical Services

About Us

Legend Technical Services, Inc. (LEGEND) is privately owned and operated WMBE established in 1991 originally specializing in environmental consulting with an emphasis on the indoor environment.  In 1992, a chemical testing laboratory was added to support the analytical needs of the consulting business and the environmental sector with water and soil testing.  Over the years, LEGEND moved twice from the original location to the current location at 88 Empire Drive in St Paul, MN.  Satellite offices were added in Eau Claire, WI and Fargo, ND.   Chemical testing was expanded in the more spacious facility to include a focus on medical product validation studies, medical device emissions testing, consumer product testing for hazardous components and failure determination, corrosion mechanism investigation and specialized mining studies.   With added nicotine regulations and the legalization of cannabis in Minnesota and hemp on a federal level, LEGEND developed suites of analyses to meet this market sector and validate the quality of the product(s).   

The LEGEND laboratory services maintain accreditation under ISO/IEC 17025 under NELAC, MDH, and NIST for various analyses performed.  Personnel engaged in field activities are appropriately licensed in the State where the work is being performed.   LEGEND maintains a seasoned staff with expertise to support consulting/testing driven to litigation for resolution.

LEGEND strives to provide service to the client through understanding the needs of the client and developing cost effective methods of meeting those needs using approaches that both educate the client and demonstrate an understanding of how to achieve the Clent’s goal(s).