Legend Technical Services


We might include educational things here like how exactly to submit a hemp sample?  Bulk asbestos sample? It is a very flexible category.  Possibly a description of some unique thing that was done. Something interesting?

I think if we break it out this way.  Company is more cohesive.  Issue will be that some services will be applicable to multiply categories.  Do we redundantly list them or set up a system that takes a person to one location for them?  I have drinking water its own button as it is a big, hot topic and always will be and Phoenix pretty much only does drinking water and waste water analysis.

Including fee schedules is not something that should be done except for possibly the homeowner submitted samples.  Pricing is so variable depending on volume and turnaround time and changes in the lab really fast.  Those lists of analytes can be somewhere in a drop down menu after they have been reviewed for pertinence.  There is way to much of that and it fatigues the eye.  Makes it look like all we are capable of is rote analysis.   That is not ever anything I look for on somebody‚Äôs website. 

Under the OTHER button we might put some unique information that we want to present or something that does not fit anywhere else.