Inorganic Chemistry Analyses - Wastewater

AlkalinitySM 2320 B14 DayPlastic/None300 mL
Alkalinity, PhenolphthaleinSM 2320 B14 DayPlastic/None300 mL
BicarbonateCalculation w/AlkalinityN/AN/AN/A
Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)SM 5210 B48 HourPlastic/None1 L
Biochemical Oxygen Demand, SolubleSM 5210 B48 HourPlastic/None1 L
Biochemical Oxygen Demand, CarbonatiousSM 5210 B48 HourPlastic/None1 L
Boiling PointN/ANonePlastic or Glass/None50 mL
BromateEPA 300.128 DayPlastic/None125 mL
BromideEPA 320.1/300.028 DayPlastic/None250 mL
Bromide - Low LevelEPA 300.028 DayPlastic/None250 mL
CarbonateCalculation w/AlkalinityN/AN/AN/A
Carbon DioxideSM 4500 CO2ASAPAmber Glass/None (no head space)250 mL
Cation/Anion BalanceCalculationN/AN/AN/A
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)EPA 410.428 DayPlastic/H2SO450 mL
ChloraminesSM 4500 CL G48 HourPlastic/None250 mL
ChlorateEPA 300.028 DayPlastic/None1 L
Chloride (Cl)

EPA 300.0

SM 4500 CL B

28 DayPlastic/None300 mL
ChloriteEPA 300.028 DayPlastic/EDA1 L
Chlorine, TotalHACH 816715 MinAmber/None250 mL
Chromium, HexavalentSM 3500 CR D24 HourPlastic/None300 mL
Color (APHA)SM 2120 B48 HourPlastic/None100 mL
Conductivity, ElectricalSM 2510 B28 DayPlastic/None100 mL
Cyanide, TotalSM 4500 CN E14 DayPlastic/NaOH250 mL
Cyanide, Amenable*SM 4500 CN G14 DayPlastic/NaOH500 mL
Dissolved Organic Carbon

SM 5310

EPA 415.1

28 DayAmber Glass/None250 mL
FlashpointEPA 1010 A28 DayPlastic or Glass/None50 mL
Fluoride (F)

EPA 300.0

SM 4500 F C

28 DayPlastic/None180 mL
Heat of CombustionASTM D240NonePlastic or Glass/None50 mL
Ion Chromatography ScanMod. EPA 300.0NonePlastic or Glass/None1 L
Moisture (Gravimetric)SM 2540 B7 DayPlastic or Glass/None50 mL
Nitrogen, Ammonia (NH3)EPA 350.128 DayPlastic/H2SO4250 mL
Nitrogen, Unionized NH3Calculation w/ NH3N/AN/A250 mL
Nitrogen, Nitrate + Nitrite (NO3 + NO2)SM 4500 NO3 F28 DayPlastic/H2SO4250 mL
Nitrogen, Nitrite (NO2)SM 4500 NO2 B48 HourPlastic/None150 mL
Nitrogen, Nitrate (NO3)Calculation w/ NO3 + NO2 & NO248 HourPlastic/H2SO4 & Plastic/None250 mL (each)
Nitrogen, Total Kjeldahl (TKN)EPA 351.228 DayPlastic/H2SO4250 mL
OdorSM 2150 B48 HourPlastic/None300 mL
Oil & GreaseEPA 1664A28 DayAmber Glass/HCl2 L
Oxygen, DissolvedSM 4500 O G24 HourPlastic/None1 L
Paint FilterEPA 9095 B28 DayPlastic or Glass/None100 mL
Perchlorate, WaterEPA 314.028 DayPlastic/None1 L
pH - WaterSM 4500 H B15 MinPlastic or Glass/None100 mL
Phenols, TotalEPA 420.124 HourAmber Glass/H3PO42 L
Phosphate, TotalCalculation28 DayN/AN/A
Phosphorous, Ortho

SM 4500 PF

EPA 300.0

48 HourPlastic/None500 mL
Phosphorous, TotalEPA 365.328 DayPlastic/H2SO4500 mL
Salinity CalculationSM 2520 B28 DayPlastic/None100 mL
Silt Density IndexDupont 491NonePlastic/None1 L
Solids, Settleable (SS)SM 2540 F48 HourPlastic/None2 L
Solids, TotalEPA 160.37 DayPlastic/None200 mL
Solids, Total Dissolved (TDS)SM 2540 C7 DayPlastic/None200 mL
Solids, Total Suspended (TSS)SM 2540 D7 DayPlastic/None200 mL
Solids, Total Volatile (TVS)EPA 160.47 DayPlastic/None200 mL
Solids, Volatile Suspended (VSS)EPA 160.47 DayPlastic/None200 mL
Sulfate, TotalEPA 300.028 DayPlastic/None100 mL
Sulfide, TotalHACH 81317 DayPlastic/NaPH & ZnAc100 mL
Sulfite, TotalEPA 377.1ASAPPlastic/None100 mL
Surfactants (MBAS)EPA 425.148 HourAmber Glass/None2 L
Total Organic Carbon (TOC)SM 5310 C28 DayAmber Glass/H2SO4250 mL
Total Organic Halogens (TOX)EPA 9020 B28 DayAmber Glass/H2SO41 L
TurbidityEPA 180.148 HourPlastic/None50 mL
UV 254SM 5910 B48 Hour1-125 mL Glass/None100 mL

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