Lead Paint Services

Lead ExampleWhat is lead?

Lead is one of the seven metals of antiquity; its discovery has been traced to the development of processes for metal refining.

Childrens' reaction to lead (µg/dL)
10 µg/dLSlight loss in IQ; hearing and growth problems
20 µg/dLModerate loss in IQ; language amd speech problems; difficulty learning; poor attention span; hyperactivity; slower reflexes
40 µg/dLPoor bone and muscle development; clumsiness; tiredness; lack of coordination; early anemia; drowsiness; fewer red blood cells to carry oxygen and iron
50 µg/dLStomach aches and cramps; anemia; destruction of red blood cells; brain damage
100 µg/dLSwelling of brain; serizures; coma; death


  • Lead Paint Inspections Utilizing an XRF Lead Paint Analyzer
  • Risk Assessments
  • Lead Abatement Project Design, Management, and Specifications
  • OSHA Occupational Exposure Monitoring
  • Final Clearance Inspection and Sampling Following Lead Abatement
  • Elevated Blood Level Assessments


  • Lead Paint Chip Samples
  • Lead Dust Wipe Samples
  • Lead Air Samples


LEGEND is accredited through AIHA-LAP, LLC ELLAP and participates in AIHA-LAP, LLC Laboratory Quality Assurance Programs.  Laboratory #101095.

XRF Lead Paint Analyzer (XRF-LPA)

The XRF Lead Paint Analyzer is a spectrum analyzer system for the qualitative measurement of lead in paint on various substrates.  The (LPA) provides a fast, accurate measurement of lead content in 2-4 seconds.  The XRF-LPA is the only instrument which measures lead without inconclusive values.