Food and Consumer Products
Aerobic Plate CountAOAC 966.233-5 DayASAP25g/ 25mL
Coliform, TotalAOAC 992.30/989.10/991.144-5 DayASAP25g/ 25mL
Coliform, Total (Swab)COM 3.44-5 Day30 HourSwab Kit
E. ColiFDA BAM Ch. 44-5 DayASAP Hour25g/ 25mL
Fecal Coliform, SwabSM 9221E4-5 DayASAPSwab Kit
Listeria monocytogenesAOAC 993/9925-7 DayASAP25g/ 25mL or Swab Kit
Mold CountCOM 177-10 DayASAP25g/ 25mL
SalmonellaAOAC 987.115-7 DayASAP25g/ 25mL
Staphylococcus aureusAOAC 987.095 DayASAP25g/ 25mL
Yeast and MoldCOM 177-10 DayASAP25g/ 25mL

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