Construction Support - LEGEND provides the unique mix of chemists, industrial hygienists, certified hazardous materials professionals, and engineers... read more
Keywords: asbestos, lead, PCBs, mercury, air quality, microbial, transient odors, etc

Compressed Air Contaminant Testing - LEGEND offers testing of respiratory devices and compressed breathing air for potentially harmful more
Keywords: Grade D Air, Breathing Air, Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Oil Mist, Volatile Organic Compounds, VOC, PM 2.5 particulate, Ozone, FDA, CPAP, Ventilator, Compressor, Safe Quality Foods, SQF

Drinking Water - LEGEND has provided quality drinking water analyses since the early 1990s. Our years of experience with drinking water, ground water,... read more
Keywords: SDWA, VOCs, Pharmaceuticals, Stage 2 Disinfectant/Disinfection, etc

Frac Sand Property Analysis - LEGEND offers state of the art physical and chemical property testing of proppants meeting ISO more
Keywords: fracking, sand, frac sand, proppant, crushability, crush resistance, sieve size, LOI, density, sphericity, roundness

Food and Consumer Products - LEGEND provides a wide array of analytical services to support food and consumer products industries. Our services... read more

Investigative Analysis & Support - LEGEND's unique mix of laboratory and field personnel provide the range of experience necessary to perform Forensic/Investigative... read more
Keywords: deformulation, FTIR, ICP/MS, GC/MS, DSC, HPLC, LC/MS/MS, TGA, IC, UV-VIS,etc

Hazardous Materials ID/Remediation Consulting - LEGEND has a staff of personnel with the appropriate AHERA and EPA certifications to provide... read more
Keywords: management plan, project design, NVLAP (Lab Code 102081-0), asbestos, lead, microbial, etc

Homeowners and Realtor - LEGEND offers a wide range of laboratory and on-site sampling and consulting services specifically for homeowners/realtors... read more
Keywords: drinking water, private well, asbestos, lead based paint, mold, FHA, etc

Indoor Environmental Quality - LEGEND's staff of certified industrial hygienists, certified safety professionals, engineers, and microbiologists, provide a... read more
Keywords: PPE, confined space, safety plan, HVAC, IEQ, bacteria, exposure, etc

Manufacturing Support - ASTM Protocols, AOAC Protocols, Subsitute Vendor Qualification Support, RoHs Analysis, MSDS Preparation, Proposition 65... read more
Keywords: raw material, polymer, organic, inorganic, IR, NMR proton, C-13, TGA, etc

Medical Devices - LEGEND's Investigative Chemistry Department specializes in supporting the unique analytical chemistry and physical testing needs... read more
Keywords: FDA, permeability, cyclic, USP, ISO 10993:18, elasticity, TMA, USP, etc

Microbiology - LEGEND provides a complete scope of microbiological testing and consulting services to a broad range of clients... read more
Keywords: microbiology, bacteria, fungi, mold, viruses, parasites, Legionella, coliforms, etc

Mining Analytical Support - LEGEND provides analytical services in support of mining operations including geochemical analysis of rock core, acid mine drainage, humidity cells.... read more
Keywords: Humidity cells, ASTM D 5744-07, ASTM E 2242-07, ASTM D 3987-06, LECO, carbon sulfur analyzer, ICP, ICP-MS, anions, etc

Soil/Groundwater/Wastewater - LEGEND's Environmental Laboratory has built its reputation by providing high quality, reliable data combined with superior... read more
Keywords: organic, inorganic, wet chemistry, metals, microbiology, filamentous, etc