Indoor Air Quality

We employ certified industrial hygienists (CIH), certified safety professionals (CSP), industrial hygienists, engineers, and scientists empowering us to perform a wide range of indoor air quality services.

Indoor air quality investigations typically examine ventilation efficacy, suspect indoor and outdoor contaminants, water and microbial contamination, and structural/material issues.

IAQ complaints should be investigated on a case-by-case basis. Oftentimes, specific complaints are related to unique products, odors, and circumstances.

In generalized and low-risk environments such as office spaces, the OSHA Technical Manual suggests screening for formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and volatile organic compounds. Additionally, the manual identifies acetic acid, asbestos, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen oxides, ozone, radon, sulfur dioxide, particulates, and microorganisms as other common indoor air contaminants.

A combination of direct-reading and sampling techniques is available to screen for many of these contaminants in a cost-effective manner.

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