Hemp Testing

LEGEND is a trusted laboratory located in St. Paul, Minnesota for Hemp Testing. We are an independent third-party accredited ISO 17025:2005 laboratory that follows Good Laboratory Practices. LEGEND participates in national Proficiency Testing for industrial hemp to ensure accuracy. Contact us or call 651-221-4089 to start an order.

Sample Instructions

To start your order, you must fill out our Hemp Chain of Custody (CoC) form. You can find this form here. Please label your sample(s) using the sample name you provided on the CoC form. For each sample mark the analysis you would like performed. Carefully package your samples, so they do not break in transit and include the completed CoC form with your shipment. You may use any shipping courier service of your choice, including USPS, or deliver your samples in person.

Sample Size: We require at least 5 grams (g) of plant or product sample material. If you have multiple products, please send at least 5 g of each. If you are measuring your product in volume, please send a minimum of 5 milliliters (mL). You may submit your entire product to be tested if there is at least 5 g or mL of sample material.

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