Asbestos and Lead

LEGEND offers an NVLAP accredited asbestos lab in St. Paul, MN as well as licensed consulting offices in Wisconsin, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Arizona.

Asbestos Sampling and Inspections

All of our locations offer licensed asbestos inspector, supervisors, management planners, and project designers. We have extensive experience consulting on asbestos-related project including: pre-demolition, pre-renovation, and general survey inspections; AHERA-regulated projects; air monitoring and oversight; and environmental project management.

Asbestos Bulk Samples (Lab)

We follow the EPA 600/R-93/116 method using a Polarized Light Microscope (PLM); this is the most common type of analysis. Additionally, our laboratory in St. Paul, MN, is NVLAP accredited with lab code 102081-0. We do not offer bulk TEM, XRD, or SEM methods.

Lead-Based Paint Testing

All of our locations provide lead based paint testing services; these services include inspections; risk assessments; abatement project designs; worker exposure monitoring; and clearance testing. Most testing is performed using an XRF analyzer – a completely non-destructive and cost-effective method.

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