Corporate History


LEGEND was originally established in July of 1991 by two former Twin City Testing Corporation personnel with experience in commercial chemical analytical testing and health and safety consulting including remediation design and over-site. Within two weeks time, LEGEND was in operation with ten full-time employees, written standard operating procedures, and the forms and equipment necessary to conduct successful on-site monitoring of asbestos abatement projects. The first year was exciting as LEGEND expanded its health and safety client base.


In 1991, LEGEND established a chemical laboratory. From 1992 through 1994 the laboratory continued to expand with the addition of equipment to support expanding soil and water environmental analysis and biomedical and special project consulting. In 1994, LEGEND outgrew its space and moved across the street to more spacious facilities for the chemical laboratory.LEGEND's St. Paul office continued to expand into additional spaces and renovated a section of the building for a pilot plant facility for products development and to accommodate special cleaning processes for existing medical products.In 2005, LEGEND again outgrew its space and moved. LEGEND's St. Paul office now occupies a state of the art facility located at 88 Empire Drive.


An office in Mosinee, WI was established in 1992 to serve our clientele in the northern Wisconsin area. In 2001, an opportunity to expand further in Wisconsin presented itself and LEGEND opened an office in Appleton, WI. LEGEND's Wisconsin offices serve a number of clients including state agencies, school districts, paper mills, and cities.  In 2009, LEGEND's Wisconsin offices were relocated to Eau Claire, WI to better serve our clientele's changing operations.


In November 1996, Bolin Laboratories, Inc. located in Phoenix, AZ with an office in Tucson, AZ was acquired from Terracon Corporation. Bolin Laboratories was originally established in the 1950s as a commercial microbiology laboratory and evolved into a drinking water laboratory after the implementation of federal drinking water regulations and the enormous need for drinking water testing in Arizona. Since 1996, Bolin has expanded its instrumentation and services to include other environmental testing, industrial hygiene consulting, and air quality testing.In 2001, Bolin began using its corporate name of LEGEND TECHNICAL SERVICES of AZ, Inc. as its operating name to establish its identity as part of the LEGEND group of offices.

EXPANSION TO NORTH DAKOTA (prior to the 1997 Grand Forks Flood)

In 1997, LEGEND established an office in Fargo, ND to serve the needs of our clientele in North Dakota and Minnesota. In April 1997, the Grand Forks, ND flood occurred causing the city of Grand Forks to be underwater for about two weeks. LEGEND personnel including staff from the Fargo, St. Paul, and Phoenix offices were kept busy evaluating buildings for mold concerns, developing remediation strategies, and assessing the progress of those strategies for a year following the flood.Since the 1997 flood, the Fargo office has been kept busy with the continued water problems occurring in that area of the country including the 2000 Fargo Flood and the 2002 City of Roseau, MN Flood.


Since our beginning in 1991, LEGEND has been dedicated to the science of service by providing quality, understandable, legally defensible test data, and consulting services to our clientele at a reasonable cost. We are confident that you will receive more value for the dollar and more personal attention when you work with any of our offices than you would receive if you were to work with any of our competitors.